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 Welcome to Dow Capital Management, LLC

Dow Capital Management offers the services of a world-class investment firm dedicated to improving clients' financial lives and making their futures more secure. As an independent firm, Dow Capital Management provides objective advice and is committed to excellence for its clients. 

With the benefit of over seventy years of experience in the financial markets, the principals have developed an expertise and knowledge base that has served their clients well — enabling them to enjoy healthy returns during prosperous economic periods, while mitigating downside risk during adverse markets.

Dow Capital Management's investment philosophy is well-defined and grounded on established academic principles. Implementation is highly disciplined. Importantly, the firm's strategies are not swayed by transient tactics promoted by the media and financial industry.

An optimal investment program is designed to work within the broader context of the client's financial, retirement, and estate planning objectives. We work closely with clients to help address all facets of their circumstances.

Portfolios are built with direct investments in stocks and bonds, facilitating control of the quality of securities owned and the efficiency of the investment process. With a focus on ownership of high quality securities, growth oriented companies, and sound implementation, we believe that clients maximize their potential for long-term investment success. 

We look forward to being of service.

Book: The Essential Guide to Portfolio Management

The Essential Guide to Portfolio Management by Clifford G. Dow, Sr.


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Our introduction to potential clients is typically a no-cost, no-obligation portfolio review and consultation. This introduction provides us with the opportunity to comment on your current investment program and to demonstrate how we might assist you. For more information on the portfolio review Click Here.  To request a review of your portfolio Click Here

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